Frequently Asked Questions

Notifica is a project of United We Dream

What does the Notifica app do?

A: Notifica gives immigrants a help button that alerts key contacts if an encounter with law enforcement is about to take place. Alerts are designed to inform family members, legal advocates, and other contacts that the sender may have been detained by deportation agents.

I have received a message from a Notifica user. What should I do next?

A: The person that sent you the message from Notifica may have been detained by law enforcement and is requesting your assistance. Learn about what to do next by following the link included in the message.

Who made the Notifica app?

A: The Notifica app is owned and published by United We Dream. The app was made thanks to a generous partnership with Huge and Matter Supply, full-service design/digital agencies.

Who is the intended audience for Notifica?

A: Primarily, young people and family members of undocumented immigrants (a group estimated to be at least 16 million people). Secondary, attorneys and advocates that want to ensure their clients have an efficient and safe way to make contact prior to a deportation event.

What languages are supported by the Notifica app?

A: Notifica currently displays in either English or Spanish. Notifica language selection matches the phone’s primary language settings. We are planning to support additional languages in the future.

Who can use Notifica?

A: Anyone with Android smartphones (4.2 - Jellybean+) or any iPhone (iOS 8.0+) owner can download Notifica from the app stores.

Does it cost anything to use Notifica?

A: Messages sent through Notifica are free. Standard messaging rates may apply for recipients of the messages sent by Notifica.

How does Notifica protect my personal information?

A: Please read the Privacy Policy.

Will DHS/ICE have access to the information I stored on Notifica if I get detained?

A: It is not uncommon for phones to be confiscated in the event of a detention. If you send an alert to your contacts through the Notifica app prior to confiscation, all information about your contacts gets deleted from the app and our records. Communication within the Notifica app is one way, from a sender to the network, for safety.

How does Notifica share my location with my contacts?

A: Upon installing Notifica, the app will ask for your permission to access your location. If you enable that option, your location at the time of sending an alert will be shared with your network. If you choose not to enable that option, the people in your network receiving your alert will not receive your location. If you want to change Notifica’s access to your location at any time, you may do so in your phone’s settings.