The app that will help you get prepared against deportation

Use Notifica to plan, learn and act if you are at risk of being detained by deportation agents.

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Julia has sent you an alert from Notifica: “Hello, I think I’m about to have an interaction with deportation agents and I’m at risk of being detained. Please go to now to learn how to support me.”

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This is Julia’s last known location. Do not go there now. Go to first.

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When to use the Notifica button?

Before any interaction with deportation agents

Press the button to send the alerts. Your entire Defense Network will be notified that you may be at risk and all the app data will be cleared to protect your privacy.

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Take Action

If you see deportation agents or someone at risk, please report it to the MigraWatch Hotline at 1-844-363-1423 (Open 24/7).

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This app helps me to know my children will be watched after if I am ever detained. I can just send an alert and my cousins help them.

Notifica allows [our] community to create emergency plans that are easy to execute — even when facing the scariest of circumstances.

Notifica lets immigrants set up PIN-protected text messages that are sent to friends, family and lawyers in case of emergency.

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Notifica is Amazing! With the uncertainties that immigrants live in the United States now, Notifica delivers a way for people who might be in danger to connect and protect each other.


I think this is awesome! Love seeing technology used for good. Great app serves as great network to let loved ones know and other resources know about your whereabouts.


Todo migrante y toda persona dedicada a proteger comunidades migrantes debe descargar este App!

Mateo Rocha

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