The first app to prepare you and your family against deportation.

Notifica gives you and your family a help button to alert key contacts if anyone is at risk of deportation. Simply create your messages today and you will be ready to press a button for help when you or your family needs it. Alerts are designed to inform family members, legal advocates, and other contacts that the sender may have been detained by the police or Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

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Important message from Julia: Hi, the police want to talk to me and I may need your help. If you don't hear from me within 2 hours, I may have been detained. Please get in touch with my lawyer and let them know where I was last.

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My approximate location is:

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When to use Notifica

Before any interaction with Law Enforcement

Notifica allows you to get in touch quickly with the people you trust most if you’re about to have an interaction with Immigration.

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Notifica is a project of United We Dream

Take Action

Has someone been detained? Call the MigraWatch Hotline at 1-844-363-1423

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This app helps me to know my children will be watched after if I am ever detained. I can just send an alert and my cousins help them.

Notifica allows [our] community to create emergency plans that are easy to execute — even when facing the scariest of circumstances.

Notifica lets immigrants set up PIN-protected text messages that are sent to friends, family and lawyers in case of emergency.

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What immigrants are saying about Notifica

With Notifica I feel just a little more safe. Not because this application is going to stop a deportation, but because it has helped me and my parents think and openly talk about ways in which we can prepare.

Adolfo P.

I had never actually thought about what could happen to my parents and what they should do if they encountered law enforcement. I am thankful to United We Dream for bringing this resource.

Linda R.

I worry about what could happen to my children if I were to be picked up. Thankfully with this app, I can let my husband, my sisters, and my attorney know that something wrong could happen. I know this doesn't change my situation, but knowing that there is a plan to deal with the situation gives me confidence to keep going.

Maria T.

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